Fighting COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 global crisis, Arbor Vita is committed to keeping communities and families safe around the world. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the CoVisa™ IgG Test. This COVID-19 diagnostic test gives providers a powerful tool for characterizing and tracking infection, transmission, and recovery. The test is highly sensitive, specific, and illustrative of each individual’s immune response to COVID-19 infection. The CoVisa™ IgG Test can be run at high volume and yields results in just over two hours. Join us in creating a healthier, safer world.

No Woman Left Behind

Arbor Vita Corporation is devoted to protecting the health of women of all ages, races, and geographic locations. Current screening methods, such as the Pap smear and HPV DNA tests, detect cervical cell changes or the presence of (often harmless) HPV, but require a sophisticated processing protocol, limiting their efficacy and applicability—especially in rural areas. By contrast, the OncoE6™ Cervical Test can be used in both advanced settings and ones with limited infrastructure. It requires no refrigeration, is easy to administer (even via self-collection), and yields results in just over two hours. What’s more, our test can capture the same urgent, accurate results for women under 21 and over 60 who have been marginalized by conventional testing.

What Makes Us Special


Over 250 PDZ domain-containing proteins have been described in the human proteome. Irregular cell activation contributes to malignancies; PDZ proteins therefor comprise a new class of functional drug targets and diagnostic markers. We have a near-complete library of PDZ domains and have identified new interaction inhibitors, which will fuel the development of diagnostics and therapeutics.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Arbor Vita Corporation has unique capabilities in developing and manufacturing high- quality monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). This has enabled us to create a valuable and large library for the detection of select low-risk and all high-risk HPV oncoprotein E6/E7 types, specific influenza subtypes, as well as a variety of other proteins in infectious diseases and cancers.

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Using PDZ domains and monoclonal antibodies, we have developed a pipeline of highly sensitive tests that can be used at the time and site of patient contact to detect specific disease protein markers. These tests (such as the OncoE6™ Cervical Test and the avian influenza detection tests), provide quick, actionable results and can be used in both advanced and remote healthcare settings.