Safe and Convenient SAME DAY Results

At Arbor Vita, we believe that making COVID-19 testing comfortable (SALIVA), quick and convenient allows us do a better job of protecting our communities, schools, and businesses. We provide our customers accurate, same day results so they can make rapid, informed decisions to best protect themselves and their loved ones.

Our tests are designed to meet these objectives and maintain the highest quality and accuracy possible. We collect saliva samples so it is simple and painless to the patient. All tests performed are authorized by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or approved for use in humans by CLIA (LDT), the Federal agency that regulates all human testing. Testing is performed at our CLIA-certified high complexity laboratory in Silicon Valley. Your samples are processed rapidly to give you the timely answers you need. Results are viewed online the SAME DAY for samples received at Arbor Vita before 11 AM at NO EXTRA COST.


How it Works

Collecting and submitting a sample for an Arbor Vita COVID-19 test is simple and painless. After you order your test, all you have to do is:

1) Come see us at Arbor Vita to collect your sample, OR

2) Ask your provider to collect your sample and transport it to us

3) Wait for Arbor Vita to analyze your sample and upload your results

4) Check your test results the SAME DAY if your sample is received by 11am, otherwise within 24-48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my results?

If we receive your sample before 11am M-F, it will be processed and results will be made available the same day. Otherwise, results will be available over the next 24-48 hours.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Appointments prevent long waiting lines and allows us to provide better service.

Simply visit our patient portal to create your account, order your test and schedule an appointment. The only thing you need is a valid ID, insurance information, or credit card. Providers, access your portal here to arrange tests for your patients and to check results.

What do my results mean?

RT-PCR test:

A negative result indicates that SARS-CoV2 virus was not found in your sample. This does not mean that you are protected from infection, or that you are guaranteed to be disease-free. In some cases, if the sample is collected very shortly after contracting the virus, you could still be infected and may need another test if you develop symptoms after the first one.

A positive RT-PCR test indicates the presence of an active COVID-19 infection. If your test is positive, you should consider yourself infected and follow the CDC Guidelines for self-quarantine and/or further medical treatment.

Do you have any other COVID-19 tests, like antibody tests?

We are expanding our test portfolio and will be adding an ELISA COVID antibody panel very soon. This test panel can differentiate between vaccine versus natural infection, and assess immune status with the utmost accuracy. Check back for updates or contact us for more info and future availability.

I have more questions, can you help me?

Sure! Just email us at with any further questions you have and we would be happy to assist. Potential Providers, use this email to set up an account.

Do I need to do any special when giving saliva samples?

Yes, please refrain from drinking or eating 30 minutes before giving your sample.

My nose bleeds when I take samples regularly from the nose. What can I do?

The saliva sampling has become very popular with people that are screened on a regular basis. There is no trauma associated with collection.