Clinical Test for HPV Induced Cancer in Low Resource Settings Via Direct Detection of Elevated HPV E6 Oncoprotein

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Schweizer, J1, Belmares, M1, Charles, S1, Gaillard, E1, Petrauskene, O1, Reveilhe, S1, Tajan, E1, Tan, C1, Castle, PE2, Jeronimo, J3, Qiao, YL4, Effah, K5, Kaufmann, AM6, Lu, P1

1 Arbor Vita Corp., Fremont, CA, USA; 2 Global Coalition Against Cervical Cancer, Arlington, VA, USA; 3 PATH, Seattle, WA, USA; 4 Cancer Institute and Hospital, Beijing, China; 5 Catholic Hospital Battor, Ghana; 6 Charité Hospital, Berlin, Germany

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