When It Comes To Cervical Cancer, Two Tests Are Better — And Cheaper — Than One

In Related News by Bryan Beacraft

It is right that we constantly should be testing our assumptions about what keeps us healthy and what puts us at risk. New ideas and evidence that challenge current behaviors must be taken into consideration. But “new” isn’t necessarily better, and many of our current practices – despite alternatives that by their very newness might seem better – remain the best option for care.

This is especially relevant now as OB-GYNs from around the country recently convened at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) annual meeting to debate the latest topics related to cervical cancer screening. Powerful new research related to cervical cancer backs up longstanding practices and recommendations, despite newer approaches that have gained some support. The truth is, however, these newer approaches just do not hold up under scrutiny, and may in fact be putting many women at risk.

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